My Story

Hearth Communications is a one-stop shop for non-profits and entrepreneurs who are ready to take their communications, public relations, social media, and event planning to a higher level.

That’s our heartbeat: to give your business a fresh, new approach in today’s digital communications pulse.

Why Hearth? Because through effective messaging and communication, your audience can feel right at home in your business. Meaning, connection, relationship: our name evokes the values and characteristics we live every day, and as a nonprofit or entrepreneur, we’re pretty sure you hold these intrinsic values in common with us.  

With Hearth Communications on your team, your audience will feel right at home with your brand. Your messaging will go from cluttered to clear, from inconsistent to constant, from scattered to professional, and your ideal clients will know without a shadow of a doubt that your business is on their side.


The person behind Hearth Communications:

My name is Chelsea Oleniuk, and I’ve been a passionate storyteller since I was young. Over the course of my creative career, I’ve developed a soft spot for nonprofits, church, and creative communications.

I have also had the privilege of working in many different sectors including hospitality, non-profit, government, and government relations. This experience gives me an amazing perspective on compelling communication and how it can be used effectively in the nonprofit and creative spaces.