A new way to communicate. A new way of public relations. A new way of social media engagement.

Your business is distinct, unlike anything else out there. We get that, and we know you need the communication support to spread your important message. You need effective channels of communication to complement the unique way your business serves your audience, drive visibility, and build trust.

Clear, simple, and consistent messages will resonate with your audience.  Your communications–social media, video marketing, PR outreach, and events–should support that goal in a way that is seamless and complementary, building upon your business’s visions, values, and mission.

At Hearth Communication, we’ve brought this kind of custom service home just for you.

Hearth Communications is a one-stop shop for non-profits and entrepreneurs who are ready to take their communications, public relations, social media, and event planning to a higher level.

That’s our heartbeat: to give your business a fresh, new approach in today’s digital communications pulse.

What kind of communication support could grow YOUR business?


Social Media Management:

Social media marketing based on brand storytelling works to engage your current audience, break into new markets and grow your reach. We’ll also work to convert your audience into paying customers and clients.

But scheduling and posting to social media takes precious time–not to mention the strategy & research necessary for effective social media messaging. Is this time better spent elsewhere so you can let an expert take industry knowledge to craft a compelling strategy and comprehensive action plan?

I work with businesses and nonprofits to:

  • Develop original content, research and curate related content, create and maintain a social media calendar. Maybe make these 3 items on the list?
  • Create a storyteller marketing mentality
  • Launch or maintain new social media channels
  • Strategize and implement best practices for increasing online engagement
  • Handle positive (and negative!) comments and engagement
  • Curate appealing on-brand visuals

One time or Monthly:

  • One month of planning and posting
  • One video
  • Analytic Summary report


Video Production:

You recognize that video marketing is the “new thing”–the next wave of effective marketing for this generation–but you aren’t sure how to utilize it for your business, or how to create branded, professional-looking video content (none of this amateur stuff for you).

If you can make the time to record the raw footage of content or educational material that will speak to your audience, well turn it into a work of art. From the raw video files, we can create a video for a Facebook ad, the start of a Youtube channel, or even televised commercials that connects with and engages your ideal audience.

  • Raw footage turned into an eye-catching video that speaks to your ideal audience
  • Stock footage and/or self-filmed
  • 3 revisions optimized for your choice of video/marketing campaign


Media Kit

Media kits are a succinct way to share about your business, your expertise, and why people should choose to engage with you from within their own business cultures. They present essential information in an aesthetically pleasing way that corresponds with your brand and persuades influencers to engage with and work with you to a mutually beneficial end.

Media kits should be personal and inviting, not stuffy and cookie-cutter. Is a media kit something your business can use to increase visibility moving forward to grow and expand?

Business media kits include:

  • Three press releases on the subject of your choice.
  • 4 Page media kit detailing:
    • Who, what, when, where, why and how people can engage.  


Email Campaigns

You need an email campaign that will engage with your audience. By growing an engaged list for your business (whether you’re product-based, service-based, or nonprofit), your business  can connect with people who have expressed interest in your business and continue building that relationship.

Expanding on the know, like, and trust factor of your business, email marketing campaigns allow your audience to get to know you better, decide that they like what you offer and who you are as a brand, and trust you enough to hit that buy button.

Targeted and concise, these emails will stand above the crowd in clutter-filled email boxes to get people to continue that engagement and encourage sales.

Examples of email marketing campaigns:

  • A three-tier drip-campaign designed for new signups to your organization
  • A series of emails regarding products, information, or other content of your choosing
  • One email campaign divided into three email segments to continue engagement.



Blogging is the way to share your expertise online, share content relevant to your audience and industry, and use content marketing on social media channels like Pinterest. It’s a way to drive traffic, gain visibility, and create that “expert” status for people looking up to your business.  

Outsourcing your blogging process frees up your valuable time to do what you do best in growing and managing your business. By allowing us to do your writing for you, you’ll be increasing the scale of your content marketing and increasing the prestige of your business without costing you precious time.

The blogging process can look something like this:

  • Market research
  • Interviews with the founder or director
  • Blog posts on topics of your choosing
  • Three blogs written on the subject of your choice


Need to outsource the planning of your next business or corporate event? Hearth Communications can combine our expertise in communications and PR to help you plan and execute a flawless event that grows your business.

From the beginning planning stages to hosting and executing the actual event, we can be the helping hand or the management, whatever kind of role you need to support the event.

  • Budgeting
  • Gathering quotes
  • Tracking and reporting costs
  • AV coordination
  • Site visits and venue facilitation


Is your business growing to the point of needing even more visibility to continue on that upward track? Public relations is an art and a science–and Hearth Communications can help get you noticed, published, and grow your audience with pitch-related coverage in the influencer market.

This could include:

  • A developed media list to target those who cover your industry $100
  • A targeted press release and backgrounder to grab the attention of the media and various influencers to bring eyes to your business